Foudre link Dating app WIP

Connect with people
who are listening now to the same music as you do,
wherever they are for the time of the song.

Do you want to help us ? email us link Netflix experiment 2019

A new way to enjoy your favorite Netflix Show

Picture in picture features link WebApp 2019

Pourquoi croire en la destinée quand on peut la choisir ?

Agrégateur quotidien d'horoscopes. Choisissez celui qui vous arrange. #ChooseYourDestiny

Magic (Nipples) Eyes link Instagram account 2019

Autostereogram' tribute to bypass Instagram nipples' censure
If you are not able to solve magic eyes

3D models :
App to transform 3D models into depthmaps App to transform depthmaps into magic eye

Cookies to Trackers link chrome extension 2018

Rename “cookies” to their real name : “trackers”

Inspiration :
Extension Template :

Travel Through Screen link Instagram account 2018

Fake Instagram travel account

Current video games are so beautiful that it's hard to tell the difference between virtual and real. This account post only screenshot from videogames...

See you tonight link newsletter 2018 abandonned

#OnVitDansUnFilm Chaque dimanche, on sélectionne pour vous un film à regarder
en streaming directement inspiré d’un fait d’actualité.

ZeoTab Tribute to Zoetrope link website 2016

Internet tribute to zoetrope

Don't forget to allow popup :x
mac shortcut: alt + cmd + right arrow • pc shortcut: ctrl + tab

La haine link parallax 2014

Parallax tribute to La Haine

Personnal SoundBox link website 2018 (personnal)

"Numérique, je connais !"

Est-ce que c'est bientôt l'heure du goûter ? link countdown 2018 (personnal)

Inspiration : Zultor / Kemar link Tumblr 2016 (personnal)

If you like pullover and hover state, it's tumblr it's for you.

From New York to Miami : Carnet de voyage link Tumblr 2014 (personnal)

If you like pullover and hover state, it's tumblr it's for you.